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Planning for uncertainty (video)

By The Health News Team | April 13, 2020

In today’s uncertain times, you may wonder or become anxious about how you would handle life-threatening health events. You may not be able to predict whether you will get sick, nor how severe it may be if you do become sick, but there is a way to limit the uncertainty. Choosing a substitute health care decision maker, and proactively communicating about the type of health care you want should you become severely ill, can provide peace of mind in a troubling time.

Known as advance care planning, sharing your health care wishes ahead of time also limits the ‘guessing game’ for those caring for you. Advance care planning allows you to make your personal preferences known to family and doctors about how you would like to be treated in case you become very ill to a point where you may not be able to express those wishes yourself.

In the above video, John Tastad, program coordinator for advance care planning at Sharp HealthCare, explains the importance of advance care planning and the steps to getting started, such as completing an advance health care directive form.

You can complete an advance health care directive form using Sharp HealthCare’s PDF guide in English or Spanish. To request free help in completing a form, email or call 619-517-9798.

You can also learn more about advance care planning by visiting Sharp HealthCare’s Advance Care Planning webpage.

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