Current and former doctoral interns in clinical psychology

About the interns

Sharp HealthCare's APA-accredited doctoral internship in clinical psychology provides psychologists-in-training with a yearlong, in-depth training experience.

Former interns have utilized the training experience at Sharp HealthCare to create exceptional opportunities that advance their professional careers. Our alumni enjoy careers in academia, private and university affiliated medical centers and psychiatric hospitals, VA and other government agencies, counseling centers and independent practice.

Current and former interns and their graduate affiliations are listed below. Information is listed with trainees' permission. As you can see, we tend to attract interns from both PhD and PsyD programs, from professional schools as well as traditional university-based programs. Our internship is a good fit for individuals with a strong interest in clinical practice careers as well as those who are interested in doing clinical research informed by a foundation of rigorous clinical training.

Individuals marked with an asterisk stayed with us for postdoctoral training and/or were hired as members of our permanent staff.

*Worked at Sharp after completing internship

Internship admissions, support and initial placement data

At Sharp HealthCare, our APA-accredited internship program is designed as a generalist site — meaning we offer broad and diverse training possibilities.

We offer both inpatient and outpatient rotations with serious mental illness and substance use disorders in child/adolescent, adult and senior settings, as well as rotations in a specialty hospital for treatment of substance use disorders.