Doctoral psychology faculty

Sharp HealthCare's APA-accredited Psychology Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology provides psychologists-in-training with a yearlong, in-depth training experience.

Core faculty members are listed below. They include primary rotation supervisors, seminar/didactic leaders, supplemental supervisors, and the training director. Core faculty are subject to change to meet the needs of the training program.

Doctoral internship supervision and didactics

The doctoral internship in clinical psychology at Sharp HealthCare follows a practitioner-scholar model of training, interns meet routinely with supervisors on every rotation, and in most rotations they have daily contact with supervisors, working side-by-side with them in the provision of clinical service, staff training and program development.

Interns' progress through the training year is sequential, cumulative and graded in complexity. Interns typically begin a rotation by observing their supervisor providing service, progress to co-facilitation, are then observed, and finally facilitate group independently. Skills and knowledge developed in each rotation build on previous training experiences.

While much of the supervision received by an intern occurs during the course of the day in informal ways, we schedule formal supervision as follows: