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Care management programs and medical staff support

Sharp Rees-Stealy's care management program supports all Sharp Rees-Stealy medical staff with care management programs aimed at patient-centered care.

As part of Sharp Rees-Stealy's continuum of care, care managers provide their patients with education and support customized to the individual's level of health, allowing them to self-manage their chronic medical condition, promote wellness and prevent complications.

The Sharp Rees-Stealy medical practitioner has the right to:

  • Inquire and receive information on all Population Health activities, programs and services

  • Be informed of the care manager's coordination, interventions and treatment plans for their patients

  • Know who and how to contact the care manager responsible for the patient

  • Be supported by Population Health when interacting with patients to make decisions regarding their health care

  • Receive courteous and respectful treatment from the Population Health staff

  • Communicate complaints to the organization

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To learn more about our care management program, including care management services, staff qualifications and contractual relationships, call 619-446-1571 or send us an email.