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Child and teen partial hospitalization programs

For young people who require regular hospital treatment, but continue living at home.

Helping children and adolescents reach their fullest potential

At Sharp, our programs are designed to inspire hope and empowerment for children, teens and their families who are facing emotional and behavioral challenges.

Partial hospitalization program for children

For children ages 6 to 12 who are experiencing significant behavioral and emotional problems, our Child Partial Hospitalization Program provides a highly structured, therapeutic environment to promote connection and healing.

Under the guidance of our experienced, compassionate staff, your child will learn self-esteem and relationship building as well as techniques for improving and maintaining better behavior. Daily cognitive and behavioral goals are integrated into home and family life to maximize progress — and have a lasting impact on your child's life well beyond the program.

Since every child's success depends on the love and support of family, our program encourages intensive family involvement, including multifamily group and individual family therapy sessions. This participation gives your entire family tools to help your child improve self-control and express feelings in a healthy way — leading to successful relationships both at home and at school.

Partial hospitalization program for teens

Our Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program provides cognitive behavioral treatment for teens experiencing difficulties handling the stresses of home, school and their community.

Working in partnership with outside therapists, schools and families, our experienced caregivers provide teens with coping techniques and recovery strategies to improve their daily functioning. We guide our young patients toward recovery by focusing on assertive communication, frustration tolerance, impulse control and anger management.

For teens struggling with both substance use and emotional difficulties, we offer our outpatient Changes Program ― dual-diagnosis treatment to provide the specialized care and support they need.

To learn more or to register for one of our programs, call 858-836-8555.

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