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Medications for addiction treatment

An effective way to sustain recovery and return to a healthy, meaningful life.

A proven approach to overcoming addiction

If you or a loved one continue to struggle with alcohol and opioid dependency, Sharp McDonald Center can help. We offer San Diego's largest hospital-based medications for addiction treatment program.

Opioids and alcohol are powerful drugs, and people who are addicted to them often benefit from ongoing medication assistance after going through initial substance abuse treatment.

Breaking the cycle of chemical dependency

Medications for addiction treatment involves the use of FDA-approved medications — alongside counseling, behavioral therapy and other therapeutic interventions — to overcome dependency on alcohol or opioids.

These medications — which can include methadone, acamprosate, naltrexone and buprenorphine (Vivitrol, Suboxone, etc.) — help reduce overpowering cravings and the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.

A commitment to your recovery from addiction

During our outpatient program, you will work closely with a doctor and a team of experts on an individualized plan to help you focus on recovery, and develop the skills and confidence needed to achieve your recovery goals. Our highly trained caregivers include board-certified addictionologists, psychologists, experienced nurses and alcohol and drug rehabilitation counselors.

You will also have lifetime access to free aftercare programs offered through Sharp McDonald Center, the region's most comprehensive, hospital-based treatment program for chemical dependence.

To learn more or to request an assessment for Sharp McDonald Center's medications for addiction treatment program, please call us at 858-637-6920.

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