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Substance use disorders treatment

We offer compassionate, effective substance use treatment plans for children, teens, adults and seniors.

Recovery programs for treating drug and alcohol addiction

Since 1963, Sharp HealthCare has been a source of hope for San Diegans facing chemical dependency addiction. Our medical team has the expertise and commitment to guide patients and their loved ones toward recovery.

Sharp McDonald Center treatment programs

  • Day treatment program
    Designed for individuals who do not require 24-hour medical supervision, but are still in need of daily treatment.

  • Extended residential program
    A supportive residential program for individuals who may benefit from inpatient substance abuse treatment (for up to 30 days).

  • Medications for addiction treatment intensive outpatient programs
    Under close supervision by a doctor and team of specialists, this outpatient program involves the ongoing use of FDA-approved medications — alongside counseling and therapy — to sustain recovery from drug and alcohol use. Day and evening programs available.

  • Continuing Care (Aftercare) Program
    The lifetime Continuing Care (Aftercare) Program provides ongoing support following rehabilitation treatment at no cost to patients. The goal of the program is to help patients problem-solve issues and make the necessary transitions at home, work and in the community. The program consists of weekly support group sessions. An alumni association is also available to maintain group cohesion and relationships with other members. Those who use it wisely have better outcomes and are knowledgeable in spotting their relapse warning signs.

  • Family Care Education and Counseling Program
    Drug and alcohol addiction is an illness that affects the entire family, and research shows that family involvement in substance abuse treatment is crucial for a successful recovery. Our program offers support through the transition to an alcohol- or drug-free home that can once again be a loving, supportive and healthy system. We offer an opportunity to directly ask therapists questions and incorporate a combination of lectures, discussions, meditations, peer feedback and support.

To support you on your path to wellness, we also offer evening programs and our Arts for Healing Program.

For more information about these programs or to be evaluated by a professional, please call Sharp McDonald Center at 858-637-6920.

Sharp Mesa Vista treatment programs

  • Child and adolescent substance abuse treatment
    Inpatient and outpatient services to help children and teens overcome addiction.

  • Inpatient alcohol and drug treatment
    Medical and counseling services for withdrawal, detoxification and rehabilitation to stabilize and educate patients recovering from chemical dependency.

To learn more about these programs, please call Sharp Mesa Vista at 858-836-8555.

Sharp Grossmont and Sharp Mesa Vista treatment program

  • Dual Recovery Program
    Designed to evaluate and treat adults who have mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, along with alcohol or drug addiction.

Learn more or register for a program:

Contact Sharp Mesa Vista by calling 858-836-8434 or submitting a request for outpatient treatment at Sharp Mesa Vista. Contact Sharp Grossmont by calling 619-740-5811, sending an email or submitting a request for outpatient treatment at Sharp Grossmont.

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