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Your Medicare coverage options

Learn more about your coverage options under Medicare — including Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

Choose the Medicare plan that's right for you

Your Medicare choices can be divided into two options:


Original Medicare (benefits administered by federal government)

Original Medicare includes Part A (inpatient care) and Part B (outpatient care).

However, not all costs are covered under Original Medicare, including some deductibles and copayments. To cover these costs, you can sign up for extra coverage with a Medigap plan, which can pay for certain health care costs not covered by Medicare. You can also sign up for Part D to receive prescription drug coverage.


Medicare Advantage (benefits administered by a private insurance company)

Medicare Advantage plans (also called Medicare Part C) are an all-in-one alternative to Original Medicare. These plans include Parts A, B and, usually, D. You'll also receive extra benefits — like vision, dental and more — not covered under Original Medicare.

Some Medicare Advantage plans charge no additional premium — you only have to pay your Part B premium.

Plans we accept

At Sharp, we accept a variety of Medicare plans — including a variety of Medicare Advantage plans through Sharp Health Plan and UnitedHealthcare. Visit each plan to learn about benefits and costs, enrollment information and more.

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