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4 C’s of addiction (video)

By The Health News Team | May 27, 2021

During difficult times, some people may turn to alcohol and other drugs to help cope. In this video, Serene Carruthers, a licensed marriage and family therapist and manager of Sharp McDonald Center, describes the four C’s of addiction:

  • Cravings

  • Compulsion

  • Control

  • Consequences

Recognizing any of these behaviors in your or a loved one’s relationship with alcohol or other substances can be a sign of addiction.
Sharp McDonald Center offers both inpatient treatment and treatment outside of the hospital setting. Programs help build a foundation for successful alcohol and opioid addiction recovery, including ongoing aftercare and family support services.

Learn about the different programs available at Sharp McDonald Center. Don’t live with addiction — find the right program for you to help break the cycle of chemical dependency and begin a journey to recovery, alongside medical experts.

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