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Beat the blues this winter

By The Health News Team | January 4, 2017
Beat the blues this winter

Once the holidays are over, the colder weather and shorter days can start to weigh on you. It’s important to keep your spirits up and make your health a priority this time of year. Here are a few scientifically backed ways to feel good mentally and physically during the winter months.

  1. Go outside. Being outdoors, even in an urban setting, has been shown to improve mood and feelings of positivity in as little as 10- to 15-minute periods.

  2. Stay in touch with friends and family. People often lessen their communications with loved ones after the holidays, but research says that staying social has been associated with both short- and long-term mental health benefits.

  3. Get moving. Our psychological well-being is very tied to our physical well-being. During the winter, exercising is especially important because it can help us feel a sense of accomplishment in addition to the physical benefits.

  4. Take a deep breath. While the holidays are known for being stressful, many experience another kind of stress related to a long stretch of darker, colder days without a break in sight. Practicing deep breathing exercises and meditation can help manage that stress, and allow you to channel emotions in a positive way.

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