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Celebrating 6 years of quick, accessible, high-quality care

By The Health News Team | March 27, 2024
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(L to R) Denise Ricci, Misty Skeen and Beatriz Chapman, who have all been with the Sharp Grossmont Care Clinic since it opened in 2018.

Misty Skeen was so sure she wanted a career in health care that she started volunteering in her local hospital’s emergency department when she was just 14 years old. Now, as a longtime Sharp employee and a lead nurse of the Sharp Grossmont Hospital Care Clinic, she says she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I was very passionate about nursing as a profession and health care in general,” says Skeen, who continued volunteering throughout her time in nursing school. “I thought nursing would really suit me because I like interacting with patients and families and having the time to help educate them while we form that personal connection.”

The Care Clinic, which serves patients with urgent, non-life-threatening medical needs, opened its doors at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in April 2018. Skeen, who has been with the clinic from the beginning, says her favorite thing about their work is that they make a positive impact on the community every day.

“Our team is here to give really great care, and we try to make it easy, quick and accessible,” Skeen says. “I think that’s unique, especially in post-COVID health care.”

Patients can visit the Care Clinic for everyday illnesses and minor injuries that would typically require an urgent care visit, such as experiencing a persistent cough, flu symptoms, sprains or minor burns.

Exterior of the Sharp Grossmont Hospital Care Clinic

The Sharp Grossmont Hospital Care Clinic opened in April of 2018.

Dynamic, convenient care

Since its opening six years ago, the clinic has also expanded to include other specialties when the hospital identifies a need for additional care or support. This includes follow-up visits for stroke and orthopedic patients.

“We’ve been able to be a very dynamic group,” Skeen says. “When a patient leaves the hospital with a certain diagnosis, but they can't get in to see their primary care physician or specialist to continue care, they can end up getting sick again and having to go back to the hospital. So having a bridge-type program where they're able to come here to get that follow-up care makes all the difference.”

The clinic initially opened in hopes of reducing wait times for patients who typically seek treatment in the emergency room for minor care issues, says Carolyn Fransway, manager of the Care Clinic. Since then, it has served more than 70,000 people seeking quick, accessible care when they need it most.

“Our walk-in clinic is unique because we’re able to provide immediate care seven days a week, 12 hours a day,” Fransway says. “It’s a great alternative to an emergency room visit for people with everyday illnesses and minor injuries.”

Fransway says she’s proud of the growth her team has seen. She hopes the clinic will continue to expand and maintain the high-quality services and accelerated care they provide to the local community.

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Misty Skeen

Misty Skeen


Misty Skeen is a lead nurse at the Sharp Grossmont Hospital Care Clinic.


Carolyn Fransway


Carolyn Fransway is the manager of the Sharp Grossmont Hospital Care Clinic.

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