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Leading with grace, kindness and generosity

By The Health News Team | July 11, 2023
Kevin Camballa of San Diego at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center

Kevin Camballa honors his nurse manager role at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center by contributing to the Foundations of Sharp HealthCare ENVISION campaign.

When Kevin Camballa first began his nursing career, he knew he wanted to find an organization where he could support his passion for delivering compassionate care while growing his career. Sharp HealthCare not only stood out as the best place to work but also as the place where he could become deeply rooted in life and a future in nursing.

Following in the footsteps of his mother, also a nurse, Camballa knew he found his calling when he first stepped into Sharp Coronado Hospital as a nursing student. “Floating,” or moving between different units, within the different hospitals in the Sharp system, he eventually made his way to Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, which he would soon call home in more ways than one.

A career on the rise

Camballa took advantage of the many growth opportunities within Sharp and quickly advanced his career, moving from serving as a nursing assistant to a nurse graduate, clinical nurse, advanced clinician, lead clinical nurse and later, administrative liaison. Most recently, Camballa earned a new title: nurse manager of 5T, the very unit where he first planted the seed of his career.

This promotion is the hard-earned result of Camballa's persistent drive and commitment to nursing. In this new role, he brings meaningful impact to the hospital, as he understands firsthand the day-to-day clinical challenges and can offer thoughtful leadership. “I climbed every step of the ladder and every position that was below the nurse manager, experiencing the impact each clinical role has on the hospital as a whole,” says Camballa.

And Sharp Chula Vista was more than just a place of work. It’s where Camballa met his wife, Rochelle Camballa, when they were both in the early years of their nursing careers. After tying the knot during the COVID-19 pandemic, they also welcomed their first child, Niko, and purchased their first home within biking distance from the hospital.

Investing in the future of health care

Camballa took the next step in investing in his future and the future of Sharp. He supported the Foundations of Sharp HealthCare ENVISION Campaign by contributing a generous employee gift to name the manager’s office on 5T.

Grounded by the strong understanding of what it’s like from the bottom to the top in nursing, he’s hoping to send a message to the future managers of Sharp to lead with grace and kindness — the two traits that have centered every aspect of his career. “The reason I came to Sharp is the same reason I’m staying — the culture and the people,” Camballa says.

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