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Three generations of Grossmont babies

By The Health News Team | August 19, 2021
Samantha Duke with her mother, Jaclynn and son, Carter

Baby Carter Duke represents the third generation of his family born at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. His mother Samantha (left) and grandmother Jaclynn were also born at the hospital.

For La Mesa resident Samantha Duke, the arrival of her first child — a boy named Carter — was special for many reasons. Not only did he make Samantha a first-time mom, but his arrival also marked three generations of his family born at Sharp Grossmont Hospital.

Carter, Samantha, and her mother Jaclynn all share the same unique bond — all Sharp Grossmont Hospital babies. Born and raised in East County, Samantha is no stranger to Sharp Grossmont. In fact, Samantha's journey with Sharp began when her mother delivered there.

"When it came time for me to have Samantha, my mother actually reminded me just how great of a place Sharp Grossmont Hospital is from her own experience delivering me here, as well," says Jaclynn. "While we could have gone anywhere, we chose Grossmont."

Like many expectant mothers who navigated their pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic, Samantha had a unique experience leading up to Carter's arrival. Medical appointments, ultrasounds and many other exciting moments that Samantha anticipated being able to share with her husband Ryan were limited to only Samantha and the medical team due to COVID-19 safety precautions. And with her husband overseas in the Army National Guard, Samantha faced extra challenges during her pregnancy.

"With the safety restrictions due to COVID-19, he wasn't able to join me for the first ultrasound or doctor's appointments," says Samantha. "That was so hard already, and then to realize he wouldn't be able to be here for the birth of our son because he was overseas made it even more challenging." Thanks to the delivery team at Samantha's side, Ryan didn't miss Carter's birth.

Samantha's care team used video calls to connect her husband so he could be by her virtual side as Carter was born, and give his love and support from thousands of miles away.

"To have Carter's dad be present on the phone, offering her encouragement, was just great. I think it's amazing we all had the opportunity to be part of the delivery process," Jaclynn says.

As Samantha and Carter settle in to life at home, patiently awaiting the day when their family is all under one roof, Samantha takes comfort in knowing that Sharp is here to provide her with the tools and guidance to ensure the best health for Carter.

"Having resources like the lactation consultants and pediatricians to provide me with answers and support is huge," says Samantha. "Even when I feel overwhelmed, there's someone there to step in and say, 'You'll be OK' and provide me with tips and tricks."

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