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What to drink when you are thirsty for more

By The Health News Team | December 1, 2016
Healthy drinks

We all know that water is essential for good health. But even if you drink from your reusable water bottle all day, it can leave you feeling thirsty for more. So, what do dietitians drink in addition to water? We asked four Sharp experts for their hydration habits.

Melissa Hughes, registered dietitian nutritionist at Sharp Rees-Stealy

Spa Water
If you are looking for a new hydration option, spa water is great. I love trying different combinations of fruit, veggies and herbs. It's good old-fashioned water without any additives or artificial sweeteners, but with a face lift. 

Melissa's favorite flavor combinations
Blueberry mint
Cucumber mint
Strawberry lime
Watermelon basil

Chop fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs and soak in a pitcher or carafe of water. The water takes on flavor after an hour or so. Use within a few days so that the fruit doesn't break down to the point where it's not appetizing.

Kendra Grinde-Busalacchi, registered dietitian with
Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Hot Tea
Staying hydrated helps your body absorb and transport nutrients; aids in digestion; and keeps the skin moisturized. I enjoy drinking chamomile or peppermint tea in the evening, always choosing caffeine-free teas to not disrupt my sleep. I sometimes add a squeeze of lemon for extra flavor, but generally do not add any sugar — including honey — to avoid the excess calories and sugar. I try to limit caffeinated beverages to no more than two cups per day. A hot cup of tea is a nice way for me to relax in the evening.

Angelea Bruce, certified specialist in oncology nutrition at
Sharp Memorial Hospital

Iced Coffee
In colder months, I enjoy the comfort of a warm cup of green or herbal tea. In warmer months, however, I find a tall iced soy latte refreshing. Since I start my day with a cup of regular coffee and a splash of whole milk, I stick with decaffeinated coffee and teas later in the day to avoid the jitters and ensure that I get a good night's sleep.

Coffee and tea contain compounds called phytonutrients that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other health-boosting properties. Plus, they taste great unsweetened.

Iced Soy Latte

8 ounces of vanilla soy or other plant-based milk (or low-fat milk)
2 shots of decaffeinated espresso

Combine the soy milk and espresso in a glass. Add ice and enjoy.

Patti Ennis, program manager of clinical nutrition at
Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center

More water
I really do prefer water! I keep my reusable water bottle full and drink it all day. I also mostly order water at restaurants, because I prefer to keep my beverages as low-calorie as possible.

When I just can't take any more water, I like to drink green or herbal tea in the afternoon. Green tea has antioxidants and a little boost of caffeine to get me through the rest of the day.

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