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Robotic bronchoscopy

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Lung cancer is the deadliest form of cancer, partly because it is difficult to detect malignant nodules deep in the lung. Traditional techniques cannot reach many early-stage tumors, leading to a delay in diagnosis. This can make treatment more difficult as the cancer progresses to later stages.

Sharp Grossmont Hospital is the first facility in San Diego County to offer robotic-assisted bronchoscopy, an innovative procedure that enables doctors to find and treat lung cancer sooner, drastically improving chances of survival. The robotic-assisted bronchoscope has the ability to travel deeper into the lung and guide a biopsy instrument with precision to even the most difficult nodules, allowing doctors to diagnose lung cancer at an earlier stage.

If a suspicious nodule is detected during your CT lung cancer screening, you may need a diagnostic work-up. There are a variety of diagnostic options currently available for lung cancer, but all have limitations in accuracy, safety or invasiveness. The robotic-assisted bronchoscope is designed to have greater reach, vision and control than other methods of care.

How the Monarch™ Platform works

Using a combination of real-time visualization based on a 3-D model of your lung and electromagnetic navigation (like a GPS in your car), your doctor will guide the tool to the nodule to quickly and safely take a sample. A pathologist will review the sample and determine if the nodule is malignant.

If the sample is found to be malignant, your doctor will discuss treatment options. At Sharp, our experienced team of caregivers will determine the best treatment plan for you.

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