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Total joint replacement program

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Sharp's Joint Endeavor® program ensures each patient achieves the best possible results

Sharp is a leading destination for hip and knee total joint replacement surgeries and hip resurfacing procedures. Sharp uses a multidisciplinary team approach, called the Joint Endeavor® program, which is unlike other providers'. This approach helps patients return home and recover as quickly as possible.

Joint Endeavor includes board-certified surgeons with a special interest and expertise in joint replacement, physical therapists, case managers, nurses, social workers and — most importantly — patients. The team looks at every step of the patient's care, from preoperative tests to postdischarge home safety, to ensure that patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

The team combines patient education, clinical pathways, multimodal pain management (to better control pain, lower narcotic use and improve function with fewer complications) and postoperative rehabilitation to ensure that it achieves desired outcomes.

Based on a "wellness concept of care," Joint Endeavor's vital component is the active participation of each patient. The hospital stay is just one step of helping patients return to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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Preparing for your surgery

Education is the cornerstone of Joint Endeavor. Before surgery, patients meet their senior orthopedic specialist, pharmacist and physical therapist.

Each patient attends a training session one week before his or her scheduled surgery. The program includes education on:

  • Exercise and physical therapy

  • Methods of improving mobility

  • Techniques for handling daily activities such as walking, dressing and bathing

All patients receive an illustrated folder that summarizes the information discussed in this class for their home reference.

Registered dietitians also offer classes to help patients develop nutritional habits that enhance the healing process.

Each patient works with a case manager before and after surgery. Before surgery, the case manager will visit the patient's home and identify any hazards or obstacles such as stairs or furniture that could impact their recovery. Case managers help patients with resources and recommendations to adapt their homes with important safety features that patients need during recovery.

Expect great care while you're in the hospital

Patients receive ongoing guidance and instruction during the hospital stay. The Joint Endeavor team works with patients to ensure that they have help at home after surgery, including planning meals and other daily activities. The team may also help arrange for equipment rental and other special needs.

Whenever possible, a family member or other caregiver is included in the process so he or she can provide the most support during the recovery process.

All about DVT prophylaxis

Total joint replacement patients are at risk for blood clots after surgery. To prevent these clots, surgeons may use a blood-thinning drug like warfarin or low molecular weight heparin during the hospital stay and for a period of time following joint replacement. Sharp HealthCare's skilled team of pharmacists participate in the Warfarin Clinic from the first contact with the patient in the education classes prior to surgery. In conjunction with the surgeon, the pharmacist will work daily with the patient while they are in the hospital and closely manage medication dosages. The pharmacist will continue to monitor the patient's blood work and will adjust medication dosages for a four-week period after discharge. The warfarin clinic is just one example of Sharp Grossmont's dedication to the patient as an individual and to quality outcomes for that individual.

After you get home from the hospital

The Joint Endeavor team ensures that patients are progressing even when they return home. A member of the team calls patients regularly to monitor patients' progress and identify any problems patients may have with their joint replacement.

In addition, patients who are on warfarin therapy are followed weekly for four weeks by Sharp's highly skilled pharmacy staff. The pharmacy staff provides warfarin clinics at each facility to assess the patient's ongoing status by monitoring the lab results and prescribing the appropriate dose based on those lab results. The pharmacy also is in communication with the physician on the patient's status.

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