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Register to be an organ donor through your iPhone

By The Health News Team | April 14, 2021
Organ donation registration through iPhone

More than 107,000 Americans need a life-saving organ, with more than 2,000 in San Diego alone. iPhone users on the iOS 10 (or later) operating system can sign up to be a donor through their device.

A feature in the iPhone's Health app allows U.S. users to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor from their phones. Registrations are submitted directly to the National Donate Life Registry.

"On average, 17 people die every day in the U.S. because there are not enough available organs, and every 9 minutes another person is added to the transplant waiting list," says Dr. Jeffrey Halldorson, a general surgeon affiliated with Sharp Memorial Hospital. "This is a simple and easy way for people to make their intentions about organ donation known before a tragedy strikes."

The U.S. faces an ever-increasing shortage of organ donors. In the past two decades, the number of people in need of transplants has grown tenfold, while the number of deceased donors has remained static.

To be a donor, individuals in the U.S. must register with their state's organ donation registry — or the decision rests with their relatives. This choice can be agonizing for families who don't know their loved one's wishes.

One organ donor can save up to 8 lives and one tissue donor can improve the lives of up to 50 others. The heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and intestines are all transplantable organs. Examples of tissue that could save or enhance someone's life include eyes/corneas, heart valves, bones and skin grafts.

Sharp Memorial has facilitated more than 2,750 transplants since 1985. In 2020, this totaled 81 kidneys, 7 hearts, and 4 kidney-pancreas transplants. Find patient stories about organ donation on Sharp Health News.

For the news media: To talk with Dr. Halldorson about the new iOS feature for organ donation for an upcoming story, contact Erica Carlson, senior public relations specialist, at

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