Nurse in protective gear holding patient's hand.

The James S. Brown Simulation Center

Here, we transform lives through simulation, technology and innovative learning.

The James S. Brown Simulation Center at Sharp HealthCare works through collaborative partnerships to provide innovative learning experiences, lead meaningful systems integration and generate new knowledge to benefit those we serve.

Through simulation, we support Sharp HealthCare’s pursuit to be the best health system in the universe. We will use simulation to help Sharp be:

  • The best place to work

  • The best place to practice medicine

  • The best place to receive care

The Brown Simulation Center was created to provide nurses and other health care professionals with resources and learning opportunities, a safe training space for all health care professionals, and to support the development of the highest-level evidence-based simulation practices throughout Sharp and with our community partners.

The Brown Simulation Center will be a space in which teams will brainstorm, analyze and experiment before taking new products or processes to the bedside.

The Brown Simulation Center will improve clinical outcomes and caregiver and patient safety by enhancing caregiver knowledge, skills, clinical competence, teamwork and interprofessional collaboration. 

Making health care better

Simulation uses various techniques and technologies to educate and upskill healthcare professionals through curated experiences. The Brown Simulation Center has a variety of simulation modalities available: a wide range of high-fidelity manikins, task-trainer models and standardized patients. 

Our highly realistic learning spaces include an inpatient care room, a critical care room, an operating/multipurpose room and a large 5-patient bay simulation space designed for versatility. Each learning space has advanced audiovisual recording technology and a dedicated debriefing room where learners can observe simulation sessions in real time or as a review.

Several studies suggest simulation learning can improve the recognition of latent safety threats and improve patient outcomes.

Supporting San Diego’s health care professionals

Through the Brown Simulation Center, Sharp partners with prestigious nursing schools to provide on-site clinical education to more students, yielding graduates with top qualifications.

The Caster Nursing Institute's Educational Excellence Fund was established to offer scholarships that support continued education and certification classes for Sharp’s nurses, developing future health care leaders, educators, researchers and policymakers.

How you can help

To support the Brown Simulation Center through Sharp HealthCare Foundation, you can donate now or send us an email.

Schedule a session

To request a new simulation training, please schedule a consultation meeting with our team.

Once the simulation team reviews the request, the staff will meet with the requestor to clarify information as needed and discuss scheduling. The next step will be for identified course instructors to complete Simulation Instructor Orientation (if not already completed). 

How to find us

The Brown Simulation Center is located in the Sharp Prebys Education and Innovation Center.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

8695 Spectrum Center Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92123