Sharp HealthCare board members

The Sharp HealthCare Board of Directors is the governing body of Sharp HealthCare, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. The Board of Directors is comprised of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the business activities of the organization in accordance with Sharp HealthCare's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Headshot of Eugene "Mitch" Mitchell
Eugene "Mitch" Mitchell


Headshot of Tony Costa
Tony Costa

Vice Chair

Headshot of Sara Bennett
Sara Bennett


Headshot of John Wylie
John Wylie


Headshot of Gil Cabrera
Gil Cabrera

Immediate Past Chair

Headshot of Dede Alpert
Dede Alpert
Headshot of Lisa Arnold
Lisa Arnold
Headshot of Bob Bolinger
Bob Bolinger
Headshot of Marc Brutten
Marc Brutten
Headshot of Debora Burke
Debora Burke
Headshot of Julie Coker
Julie Coker
Headshot of John Dunn
John Dunn
Headshot of Dan Gensler
Dan Gensler
Headshot of Renetta Haas
Renetta Haas
Headshot of Elvin Lai
Elvin Lai
Headshot of Randolph Lenac
Randy Lenac
Headshot of Lori Moore
Lori Moore
Headshot of Rebeca Perez-Serrano
Rebeca Perez-Serrano
Headshot of Regina Petty
Regina A. Petty