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Top 10 tips for health and wellness

By The Health News Team | December 21, 2022
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Whether you are looking to avoid the flu, the common cold or COVID-19, one of the first steps to illness prevention is to ensure that you are generally healthy.

According to Dr. Cherie Chu and Dr. Teresa Hardisty, pediatricians with Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group, good health and well-being can improve your immunity, extend your life, reduce your risk of chronic disease, boost your energy and mood, and enhance your overall quality of life.

Drs. Chu and Hardisty, whose practices include a focus on lifestyle medicine, offer their top 10 recommendations to reach and maintain overall health and wellness.

“These tips are positive and achievable actions we like to see each of our patients and community members take not only to improve their immunity against sickness, but also to improve their lives,” Dr. Hardisty says.

Top 10 tips for overall health and wellness

  1. Eat healthy food, including larger portions of fruits and vegetables at every meal, and especially remember to eat produce at breakfast time.

  2. Exercise regularly and spend time outdoors when possible. Adults should get 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

  3. Get sufficient and good quality sleep. Adults should get seven to eight hours per 24-hour period. Avoid exposure to electronic devices (phones, tablets) at least two hours before bed.

  4. Work with your primary care provider to determine when to schedule routine care, which may include annual skin checks, flu vaccine and other immunizations, and health screenings.

  5. Take medications as prescribed by your doctor. If you are having difficulty following a particular treatment plan, talk to your doctor about your challenges.

  6. Stay connected with friends and loved ones — write letters, connect virtually or in person, cook with your children or deepen the bond with your significant other.

  7. Exercise your brain and cultivate meaningful experiences, such as virtual volunteering or learning new activities or hobbies at home.

  8. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 cups a day. Avoid sweetened drinks.

  9. Avoid risky substances such as tobacco and excessive alcohol.

  10. Prioritize stress reduction by spending time in nature, practicing mindfulness and meditating.

“We believe in an approach that focuses on a healthy lifestyle to maintain wellness,” Dr. Chu says. “Talk to your doctor about additional ways you can improve your health, and always share any changes you have noticed or any concerns you might have.”

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