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Colon cancer treatment

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When facing a diagnosis of colorectal cancer or anal cancer, you need a comprehensive, expert care team working together to provide you with the latest advances and treatments. You also need a team that knows you as an individual and supports you and your loved ones through every step.

At the Cancer Centers of Sharp HealthCare, we draw on the vast expertise of our highly experienced care team to treat even the most complex colorectal cancers. Our cancer program is nationally accredited by the U.S. Commission on Cancer, so you and your loved ones can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest-quality care, close to home.

We also offer second opinion services for patients outside of Sharp, who have recently been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

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Our highly skilled team of oncologists and colorectal cancer experts is here to focus on your individual needs.

And to ensure you're receiving the very best treatment, a team of physicians and specialists meet regularly to discuss diagnosis and your individualized approach to treatment.

The latest colon cancer treatments designed to meet your needs

At Sharp, we offer the latest advances in colorectal cancer treatment.

  • Surgery — We offer colorectal cancer surgery using the latest techniques, including minimally invasive endoscopic procedures, which can be used to remove some polyps or tumors, and advanced robotic procedures, which provide greater precision and enhanced visibility compared to traditional surgical techniques.

  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy — Medication that either targets cancer cells directly or harnesses your immune system to attack cancer cells.

  • Radiation therapy — Radiation that precisely targets cancerous tumors while protecting surrounding healthy tissue.

  • Clinical trials — Access to new therapies and treatments through our Clinical Trials Program.

Once you complete treatment, you can expect comprehensive, long-term monitoring, including routine colonoscopies and other radiology services.

Recognized as a Network of Excellence in Robotic Surgery

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Sharp is the first health care system on the West Coast to receive designation as a Network of Excellence in Robotic Surgery by Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), an internationally recognized, nonprofit, patient safety organization. The accreditation signifies our ability to consistently deliver the safest, highest-quality surgical care to our patients.

In addition, more than 35 Sharp-affiliated doctors have received designation as an SRC Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery, including several surgeons who perform colorectal cancer surgery.

Support for you and your loved ones

Care at Sharp goes beyond treating cancer. We provide support and education with you and your loved ones in mind, every step of the way. Our comprehensive patient resources include:

Get a second opinion from Sharp

Learning you have colorectal cancer can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. Receiving a second opinion from Sharp HealthCare can offer reassurance about your diagnosis or help you plan the most appropriate course of treatment. A second opinion can provide you with a more accurate diagnosis or even a change in diagnosis. You may also learn about innovative therapies and treatment options you didn’t know were available.

Colon cancer treatment centers in San Diego

We offer colon cancer treatment across San Diego — from South Bay to East County to Kearny Mesa.

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