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Skin cancer treatment

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If you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer, it’s important that you receive specialized care from an expert team that works together to meet your unique needs.

You’ll find this team close to home at the Cancer Centers of Sharp HealthCare, a leader in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all skin cancers, including melanoma, basal cell, squamous cell and Merkel cell skin cancers.

The Cancer Centers of Sharp are nationally accredited by the U.S. Commission on Cancer, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest-quality care. Here, we combine the science of medicine with the art of caring that is The Sharp Experience.

We also provide second opinion services for patients outside of Sharp, who have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer. Sharp accepts almost all insurance plans.

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For help in scheduling an appointment with a skin cancer specialist at Sharp, please call us at 1-800-827-4277 (1-800-82-SHARP).

An expert team dedicated to you

Our skin cancer program brings together highly trained experts from across many specialties.

  • Dermatologists who use the most advanced techniques for diagnosing and treating skin cancer, including Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstructive surgery

  • Radiation oncologists who provide targeted therapies for treating skin cancers, including custom radiation plans that protect sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes, mouth and throat

  • Medical oncologists who provide chemotherapy, immunotherapy and molecularly targeted therapy for advanced skin cancers

  • Patient navigators to support you from diagnosis through treatment and follow-up.

  • Registered dietitians and nutritionists

  • Licensed clinical social workers to help you through your cancer experience

  • Genetic counselors to help determine your risk for developing other cancers

  • Experienced and compassionate support staff, including nurses and medical assistants

  • Rehabilitation therapists

  • Clinical trial specialists

Skin cancer treatments designed to meet your needs

Our skilled and compassionate care team offers leading-edge treatments and therapies for skin cancers, as well as access to the latest clinical trials.

Treatment may include:

  • Surgery — We offer several types of surgery for skin cancers, from simple excisions of small tumors to Mohs micrographic surgery, which delicately removes affected skin layer by layer to preserve as much healthy skin as possible.

  • Reconstructive surgery — Depending on the size and shape of each unique skin cancer, surgeons determine the best way to repair the affected area to help it heal and improve its appearance. This can include skin grafts or skin flaps, which involve using a piece of healthy skin from one area of the body to repair the area of skin treated for cancer.

  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy — Patients may receive medication through their veins (IV) or swallowed in a pill form to target cancer cells directly or harness the immune system to attack cancer cells.

  • Radiation therapy — We use specialized radiation that treats skin cancer while limiting radiation exposure to other tissues or organs. This includes superficial radiation therapy, in which the beam only penetrates the surface of the skin, avoiding deep-tissue damage and minimizing scarring.

  • Clinical trials — Access to new therapies and treatments through our Clinical Trials Program.

  • In addition, a group of skin cancer experts meets regularly to discuss high-risk patient cases and collaborate on treatment recommendations.

Support for you and your loved ones

Care at Sharp goes beyond treating cancer. We provide support and education with you and your loved ones in mind, every step of the way. Our comprehensive patient resources include:

Get a second opinion from Sharp

A diagnosis of skin cancer often feels overwhelming. Receiving a second opinion from Sharp HealthCare can offer reassurance about your diagnosis or help you plan the most appropriate course of treatment. A second opinion can provide you with a more accurate diagnosis or even a change in diagnosis. You may also learn about innovative therapies and treatment options you didn’t know were available.

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